Monthly Archives: May 2015

Social Justice: Some Fundamentals

During our ‘Meet the Programme Director’ session last week, I promised colleagues that I’d post some resources about thinking critically about ‘social justice’. As promised, follow these links to get a sense of some of the key debates and disagreements about what social justice is, what a socially just society might look like and how those interested in justice might Read More

Summer reading and listening group

Okay, now that the essays are out of the way, I wanted to kickstart our summer reading/podcast listening/film watching group. When I was travelling earlier this month, I had the opportunity to catch up on my podcasts. One of my favourites, unsurprisingly, is This American Life. I was really struck by a recent episode entitled Three Miles . It seemed Read More

About your marks

By now all of you should have received your blog and essay marks for Theories and Politics of Social Justice. I wanted to just to say a few words about your work to help you think about the feedback I offered and to consider what changes (if any) you need to make for future assessments. The most successful essays were Read More

Meet the Programme Director! Online Session Tuesday 19th May at 18.30 GMT

Thinking about applying to the MSc Social Justice and Community Action? Wondering what the teaching, learning and student support is like? Considering what the online experience might be? Well, register now for the upcoming ‘Meet the Programme Director’ online session! On Tuesday 19th May from 18.30 to 19.30 GMT I’ll be giving a short talk about the programme and will Read More