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This issue probably needs clarification and an apology from me. People are still finding that others on the course network are commenting on their blog when these commentators haven’t been specifically added as users. This is because the default configuration of your settings is ‘open’ to others on the course network, and I didn’t make that sufficiently clear. So to Read More

Further details: PASJ Group Project

Hi everyone Thanks so much for sorting yourselves into groups for the PASJ assessment. As a reminder, this assessment requires you guys to work in groups, choose a contemporary policy dispute and develop an advocacy strategy for influencing the key policy actors and the policy development, resourcing and implementation processes. You’ve sorted yourselves into the following groups: Migration/Borders Sam, Wanda, Read More

Personal Tutors: 2015 & 2016 Cohorts

Hi everyone I’ve literally had to batten down the hatches here in Scotland as we’re in the middle of a terrible winter storm. I hope things are a bit more settled where you are. Now, as promised, I’m writing to assign you personal tutors. Note, 2015 cohort, since we’ve had some changes to our staffing on this programme, you’ll be Read More

Reminder: Add me to your blogs

Hey everyone I’m really enjoying reading your reflective and passionate blogs on social justice. By my count, I have access to about half the cohort’s blogs. Now, remember, it’s completely up to you whether you blog 2-3 times a week over a semester or undertake the extremely high risk strategy of only blogging at the end of semester to meet Read More

[Update] Reminder: PASJ Group Projects

Update: Thank you Dan, Wanda and Sarah for letting us know about the groups. We still need to hear from Alanna and Shona! Please note it’s time to start making some decisions about the scope of your topics and then start thinking about possible advocacy tactics. — Groups are now starting to form around the policy areas of migration/borders and Read More

Welcome Joanna, Rachel and Natasha!

Hi everyone We have three new students who joined the programme late and so haven’t been able to take part and get to know everyone during induction week. It’s my pleasure to introduce Joanna, Rachel and Natasha. I’m sure they’ll get around to introducing themselves over the coming days but I thought I’d take this opportunity to welcome them into Read More

What’s the problem represented to be?

This week in PASJ, we’re discussing Carol Bacchi’s influential feminist analytical framework: ‘What’s the problem?’. I’ll be taking you through the framework in detail during our session tomorrow night and if you’re interested in learning more, here’s a free e-book entitled: ‘Engaging with Carol Bacchi: Strategic Interventions and Exchanges’. Enjoy!

2016 Cohort: Add me to your blogs

Duncan has sorted your blogs and everything should be up and running. Please take the time to customise and personalise them. Remember, these blogs are completely private, they can’t be seen by anyone (well, except Duncan, as systems admin) unless you invite them to join your blog. To that end, I can’t see/comment on your blogs unless you invite me. Read More

[Update] PASJ: Group project alert!

I just want to say thank you guys for continuing the conversation about the group projects. Things are starting to come together and I’m really excited to see what you finally decide in terms of your topics. Hey everyone Please remember that you’ll need to sort out your groups and project topics no later than Thursday 28th January so that Read More