Monthly Archives: February 2016

Thinking about your TPSJ blogs

Hi everyone Now that we’re reaching the end of your first course, your minds should start to focus on your assessment. Don’t worry, we’ll have a session solely devoted to reviewing the key arguments of the course and talking about assessment in detail during the last week of teaching! In the meantime, however, you can start thinking about which blog Read More

Thinking about your PASJ group project

Hi folks Sam got in touch with some questions about the content and structure of your group project–particularly in relation to the specificity of the policy issue for which you’re developing your advocacy campaign. Here’s what I suggest: 1. It’s entirely up to the group how specific you wish to get in relation to your advocacy issue. You could choose Read More

Personal Tutor meetings + Welcome Barbara

You guys made it! We’ve officially reached the halfway point in the semester and it’s time to take stock. For the 2015 cohort, you guys should be beavering away with your group projects on advocacy campaigns. Callum tells me he’s really enjoying the sessions with you. If you’re encountering any problems at all with the group work, please get in Read More

Direct Action – Examples of success

Following on from last week’s session on direct action, I have continued to get sent examples of direct action from colleagues working professionally/personally for social justice. Here is a video of direct action by precarious workers organising for their rights. If you follow it up, it appears to have made some positive gains.   Also, I thought I would share Read More

Direct Action and policy advocacy

Hi Policy Analysis people! Looking forward to tonight’s session where we explore the merits of Direct Action as a policy analysis/advocacy tactic. Fairly detailed slides have been posted in case anyone wants to read before the session. I hope you are all making good progress with your group projects! I just wanted to let you know that I have added Read More

The politics of recognition

Hi everyone I promised I’d post a few more texts on justice as recognition: bell hooks: Ain’t I a Woman? Michele Wallace: Invisibility Blues Charles Taylor: The Politics of Recognition Nancy Fraser and Axel Honneth: Redistribution or Recognition You can find all these texts in the library. If you’re interested in some of the arguments related to my research project Read More