Monthly Archives: November 2016

CASJ: Course Feedback

Hi CASJ students, You will see that I have created a space at the bottom of the Moodle course for course feedback. If you click on the feedback icon, you will see a number of open ended questions that will help me to improve the course, the programme and your needs, going forward. If you could take some time to Read More

CASJ: Assignment workshop

Hi All, As you are aware, the final week of CASJ is approaching and there will be a final synchronous session at 7pm GMT on Monday 28th November. I think that this session will work more effectively as a dialogical workshop, where you can discuss and ask questions. So, it would be great if people could make the effort to Read More

CASJ: Evaluating community projects

Hi All, Since part of the assignment task asks you to consider the evaluation of your community project for social justice, I have posted a resource by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation on evaluating community projects. You can find it on the section of the Moodle page that articulates the assignment task. I hope that you find it useful. Callum