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[Update] PASJ group presentations + Feedback

Hi everyone Great job with these presentations–they are really impressive. I’ve posted some feedback for you. — Both groups have used Prezi to present their showcase. Well done everyone! The links are on the PASJ course on Moodle.  The relevant section has been moved up to just under the course introduction.


This issue probably needs clarification and an apology from me. People are still finding that others on the course network are commenting on their blog when these commentators haven’t been specifically added as users. This is because the default configuration of your settings is ‘open’ to others on the course network, and I didn’t make that sufficiently clear. So to Read More

Moodle issues?

If things are not working as you might expect, or you are not sure how something works, can I ask you to check the FAQs on this site first? Just click on the heading of the question and the answer will drop down.

[Update!] Induction week and Moodle

IS Helpline now says your accounts have been properly activated, so could you try accessing Moodle again and let me know if you have any problems. Tonight, when using Collaborate, bear in mind that the launcher is quite slow, so give it a few minutes to do its thing. [Some people are having difficulty logging onto Moodle. This has been Read More

Induction week events

Induction week kicks off on 12th January 2015. Your induction will be in two parts: The programme team will run the first half of your induction on Moodle. This part of your induction will introduce you to the programme, teaching and learning on your courses and will involve activities that will help you get to know your fellow students. Follow this link Read More