Community Action and Social Justice: Discussion forums, readings, my community videos

Hi CASJ students,

I would just like to make a couple of general points about the course so far :

Discussion forums:
I would like to gently remind you to make use of the discussion forums. This is an important space for you to discuss, clarify, reflect on and develop your understanding of the week’s themes in the context of your own experience.

It was my hope that you could take turns (perhaps in pairs), leading off on the week’s discussion. This requires a bit of discipline so that we are not simply making a number of parallel and loosely connected points but I would prefer that the starting point for discussion came from your own reflections and experience, rather than mine (that being said, I am more than happy to offer discussion questions).

So far, this has happened, and an active minority have contributed some very thoughtful and astute posts to jumpstart the discussion in the first two weeks. However, there are a significant number of people who are yet to engage. These spaces are what you make out of them, and require active participation to make them successful, so I would urge you, if you haven’t already, to get involved when you can find some time.


If readings have been scanned directly from hardcopy then I will put them in a folder. However, the majority of readings are available electronically from the University of Edinburgh. This means that they can all be accessed through the university’s online system by each of you as matriculated students ( I note that a couple of people have had difficulty accessing Todd May for example and that is because I didn’t put the e-chapter as a PDF in a folder. However, it is absolutely essential that each of you is able to navigate the university’s information systems to find e-chapters and journal articles. Otherwise, I’m not sure how it would be possible to do your own independent reading and research for assignments. For this reason, I will not be physically depositing readings for this course unless they are not available online.

My community

You will notice that under the tabs on the left of the screen on the Moodle there is something called ‘media hopper gallery’. I’m not sure whether or not you know this (I have just learned about it myself) but each of you (using your EASE login) can go to your own media hopper account. This is basically a one stop shop for uploading and sharing multi-media content for students and staff.

So, I thought that in order to build our own community of communities, we could each film a wee two min video about/in the community that you think will provide the basis for your assignment. If you aren’t sure of that yet, then no worries, maybe you could just post a wee vid about/in a community to which you belong. You might want to reflect on the themes covered so far to help you think about what to say but I would like this to be informal and friendly, so each of you can see and comment on each others vids.

So, what you can do is record your vid, upload it to your media hopper account and then go to the tab on the CASJ Moodle page (on the left) entitled ‘media hopper gallery’ where (providing you have 3rd party cookies enabled) you should be able to simply add your video. Any tech issues with this why don’t you use the general discussion forum to communicate them and we can get it sorted!

Also, if we want to share things as a digital community on this course, why don’t the twitter users amongst us also use #CASJ as a hashtag for posting interesting thoughts, links, events etc? Just a thought

Phew! Think that’s all for now. See you all Monday and any individual queries just fire me a wee email or message me @callumkmcgregor

Have a fab weekend!

 on  September 30th, 2016

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