Community Action and Social Justice readings

Hi All,

Just thought I would post a quick message on the hub about accessing readings for Community Action and Social Justice in response to a couple of queries.

I have checked that all of the readings, apart from those copied from actual books, are available through the University of Edinburgh. As a student you should be able to access these readings either by going through the library site or putting the DOI straight into the browser, or going directly to the journal site.

Any way you go in, you will need to be logged in to MyEd. Sometimes on the journal site, it will have a link for institutional log in or ‘shibboleth’. You simply click on this, choose the ‘University of Edinburgh’ from the drop-down list and you should get access.

Please note that I have now put all of the readings of the first two weeks in folders located in each week’s section on the Moodle. The exception is the Todd May reading for week 2, only accessible as an e-book so you will have to navigate the system to get that one. Please let me know if you can’t get it for some reason.

Also it might be useful to pick another journal article reading from another week and try to get the article electronically, as you should be able to do so. It is obviously really important that everyone has access to all of the readings. If there is some issue, let me know.


 on  September 8th, 2016

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