Community Action and Social Justice: Session on Digital Commoning

HI CASJ people,

This week, I think it would be good to change pace a little and do things a little differently. Up to this point, an awful lot of ground has been covered, both in terms of readings and lecture inputs. In order to give people a chance to catch their breaths in this respect, and in the interest of actually engaging in some digital commoning in practice, I have designed and outlined two tasks that will replace the standard lecture input this week.

The readings, I think, remain really useful but I would recommend that if you only had time to do one (alongside the group tasks) then it would be worthwhile reading the short but provocative ‘Accelerationist manifesto.’ However, since I am asking that you watch a feature length doc, please treat the readings as recommended for this week.

I have also provided a link to the party Podemos (see last week’s lecture input) in order to place this discussion of the open source community and digital commoning in a more overtly political context – as well as one that relates more directly to our discussion of participatory democracy.

Each of the tasks is fully explained below and I look forward to finding out how you all engage with them! Please just do what you can – I understand that everyone has been particularly busy with work commitments etc. this semester.

 on  November 16th, 2016

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