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Hi everyone

Thanks so much for sorting yourselves into groups for the PASJ assessment. As a reminder, this assessment requires you guys to work in groups, choose a contemporary policy dispute and develop an advocacy strategy for influencing the key policy actors and the policy development, resourcing and implementation processes.

You’ve sorted yourselves into the following groups:

Sam, Wanda, Azimahana, Hannah, Shona

Dan, Nicole, Sarah, Alanna

These are huge topics, obviously, so the task is now for you guys to decide on which aspects you wish to focus (i.e. what’s the policy dispute you want to examine?) and start developing an advocacy strategy (how will you influence decision-makers and the policymaking process?).

Duncan has created chat rooms for you in PASJ. These are completely private spaces; only those who are assigned to the specific group can access the room. Note, neither Callum nor I can access this space so it’s totally organised and driven by you.

The next key date you guys need to think about is Monday 21st March–this week you’ll be presenting your advocacy strategies to the rest of the cohort and your tutors to get critical feedback before submission. So, you’ve got a lot of time to discuss, debate and organise yourselves.

If you need me or Callum for anything–just drop us a line! Good luck!

And by the way, for those who read to the end of the post, here’s a sonic treat. For the R&B lovers out there, stream the wonderful King on NPR Music–they soothe the soul.

 on  January 29th, 2016

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