[Update] TPSJ: Assessment + Peer feedback + Evaluation

Monday is the last day of TPSJ! You made it to the end–well done!

Please make sure to complete the TPSJ evaluation–it’s really important to us to get your constructive feedback on the course. Please note, the evaluation opens tonight, 21st March, at 20.00 GMT and closes on 11th April at midnight GMT.

We’ll be talking about your assessment in detail on Monday evening but I thought I’d just flag up a few things now.

1. Your blogs
Some of you have been more active than others on your blogs. For your blogs, we want you to choose 5-7 of those posts that you think demonstrate your best analysis, critique, argument and writing about the topics we’ve covered on the course. We want you provide a short introduction to your chosen blog posts–about 50-100 words–gives the reader a sense of the aims and scope of your chosen posts. You should copy and paste your introduction and posts to a word document (making sure everything is formatted correctly–please use standardised fonts, colours, etc) and upload this the Turnitin folder at the top of the TPSJ Moodle page.

Now, some folks have taken the high risk strategy of not posting too much during teaching time. That’s fine, because the formal assessment only asks for 5-7 posts. You’ll be able to meet that target with no problem. However, please note that Callum and I won’t be offering comments on posts after Monday since this is when teaching officially ends.

2. Your essays
For your essays, we want you to develop your own essay question on a topic related to social justice that’s captured your imagination and that we discussed on the course. Last year, a group of students were really interested in the idea of a universal basic income. Others were interested in applying the ideas of recognition to their work with various community groups. It’s totally up to you what you decide to do. Please also upload your essays to the Turnitin folder.

What worked very well last year is that we encouraged students to share their topics/questions with the group to get informal feedback from their fellow students and from Callum and me. You’re under no obligation to do this but I would strongly encourage you to take up this opportunity to test some of your ideas with your colleagues. Please use the assessment discussion forum at the top of the TPSJ Moodle page to collectively discuss anything to do with your assessment.

As always, do get in touch if you have a question.

 on  March 18th, 2016

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